My fellow colleagues, wonders will never cease. Nothing way person no go see or hear for this our ‘westernized’ country.

Open Marriage kwa! I see you are confused. Are you a learner?…Open marriage is when married couples agree to engage in extramarital relationships or affairs without it being regarded as infidelity.

With the permission of a female friend of mine who opened up to me about her own marriage, I have decided to share her “why her and her husband agreed to an open marriage” story. This my friend lives in Lekki. (This Lekki again! Why are things always sizzling there?! *OK dats ok*)

My friend says that her and her husband decided on an open marriage because they noticed that a lot of marriages were ending up in divorce because of infidelity issues. They also thought that since cheating was almost unavoidable in a supposed monogamous marriage, the only way out was to come out openly about who they had intimate relationships with in their marriage. (Oh, kwa!)

Further reasons she gave were that Open Marriage helps them achieve their sexual fantasies and add value to their marriage. That she hates the idea of husbands cheating on their wives and then they expect these same wives not to do the same!  It is very disheartening for a woman to find out that she has been sharing her husband with another woman, and at the end of the day, loose him to the b*%$h!

My friend says that the main attraction for her in it is ‘Emotional Intimacy’…whatever that means to you. *lips sealed*

If you guys are waiting for my personal opinion, don’t waste ya time because it is highly irrelevant and I don’t want some people to start abusing me! But you can drop your 20kobo opinion in the box, that is, if you like.

But I must say that if truth be told, a lot of married couples are in open marriages indirectly. You are asking How? All the secret Facebook romance, the badoo romance, Two nko? *Ok bye*

On a final note, a good and successful marriage, if you analyse the situation critically, is what works for the couple, even if nah open marriage! …OK I don talk my own.

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