Most of you might be wondering about this topic. My fellow colleagues in marriage, I thought it was only when one is single that one should be thinking of selling point, infact, selling points!
Na lie, we married ones should have our own selling point. We should have unique characteristic(s) that make us stand out among our imagined or real ‘rivals’. 
Once a woman is married, ideally, she should have no problems getting scared of having her marriage or matrimonial home threatened. But one will still see men who have the guts to break the vows that was pledged at the altar or in the court room. When asked the reasons for having extra-marital affairs, all sorts will come up:
– she smells and she is very untidy
– she is boring and she won’t allow me to have fun the way I choose to
– she is not strong spiritually. I need a prayerful wife especially for my business
– she doesn’t know how to cook
– she has changed from the exciting lady I used to know and to make matters worse, she now attends the Lord’s Chosen
– she no sabi for bed
– she nags from morning to night
– she is not academically sound
– she doesn’t dress well and that doesn’t represent my person
…in short all sorts of reasons. The list is endless. 
Do you guys remember Stella Obasanjo (May her gentle soul RIP) and how she was the 1st Lady despite the fact Mr Obasanjo had other wives who senior Stella sef. Well, she supposedly had the highest selling point. Anyhow you want tink am, she sabi English even pass *cough*, she sabi cook, she sabi dress well well, na she go school pass, etc etc.
 A man can never go to the market if he doesn’t need something to buy and he will not pay for a good that he doesn’t like. And when he decides to buy, he will want to buy the one that meets almost all his demands. Anything outside of this, wife, you need Holy Ghost prayers for your husband.
For this reason, I have decided we need to discover our selling points. Please let’s pay particular attention to what they complain about because that might just be what you need to increase your selling point. No dulling here. Some men are ‘babies’ and find it very hard to state what they want so my dear, you may need to go into fasting and prayer for God to show you the way.
Let us gather as many selling points as possible so that we can run these ‘home-wreckers’ out of business!
This is my 2kobo suggestion. You will thank me later, in cash or kind (cash preferably)!


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