Are you one of those wives that suspect your husband might be cheating on you? And if you do, do you wish you knew who the she was and see if she measures up to standard? Or do you pray to catch your husband in his web of lies?
OMG! That is exactly what happened to my friend over the weekend. Lol! My friend has always suspected her husband was cheating on her. Somehow, she felt his recent affair was different. She knows that he gets involved in flings once in a while and leaves these women bitter at the end of the day. She gets involved in some of the bitter ends because some of these women trace him all the way home! For the past 1year, she has been having this gut-feeling that he has been seeing a particular person and that my dear, is not a good sign for her. It means her territory is being threatened. 
Anyway to cut story short, she met the supposed rival in a beauty shop. She noticed the lady was wearing a customized diamond necklace that her husband was supposed to have exchanged for another in his last trip to Italy. She summoned up courage and went to question the lady. Lo and behold! She knew her husband. Anyways, my friend introduced herself as his wife but our dear rival refused to believe her saying that her husband told her he was divorced and that the only thing connecting both of them was their 7year old son. Wow! The bottom line sha, was that both the mistress and the wife found out that ‘their husband’ had been fooling himself and not them. 
The worst part of the deceit is that his birthday is fast approaching and the con-man is planning to celebrate it differerently with both ladies. The problem now is that, both the wife and mistress are now planning to hold a surprise party for him where all his ‘wayo’ will be exposed…and in a very bad way in front of family and friends! Chai! I pity this guy O! 
I hope I don’t forget to give you an update of what goes down because that party I gats to attend!

5 thoughts on “LOL! WIFE MEETS MISTRESS!

  1. That's the parry to be. Poor, foolish guy. I sorry for am. but wont the wife loose out. She may finally and substantially be divorced


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