I just don’t get! I have tried in so many ways to analyze the naivety of women, but I haven’t been able to come up with any concrete result.

Just yesterday,  I met a woman who appeared to be in her late 40s but guess what?…she is just 37years old. She had such great command of English and I wondered how she ended up being a hospital maid!

She had lines of sadness, hoplessness and ‘lovelessness’ on her face and then I thought to myself…”she must be a victim of circumstances”. I was moved to share her story because I know a lot of women out there might be going through the same thing.

Well, this woman in question is a victim of 2 failed marriages. In the 1st situation, she met a man who deceived her with words of love and then she was working in a good company with a fantastic salary. She earned more than him (the 1st husband O!). He deceived her into marrying her. She got the house in which they lived in and paid the rents. She fed the family ( she had a son for him). This her 1st husband convinced her into opening a joint account of which he was the sole signatory to the account! 

Everything was going on fine or so she thought until one-day she was involved in a road traffic accident that almost took her life and she was bedridden for about 2months. During the time of her incarceration,  this so called husband was involved in a steamy affair with her housemaid who got pregnant for him. All that time, everyone new of the recent development except her. Chai! She was soon discharged home. She hadn’t even spent 1week at home when her husband packed all his things and said he was done with the marriage and that he was getting married to their maid! God saved her that she no die from shock. Of course, the man stole all she ever saved, as in, he wiped her account.

Well in the bid to recover and start a new life, she lost her job, maybe because of the long hospital stay. Anyway, she had to leave her son with her ex-husband to pick up the pieces. She eventually got a job in a federal institution as a maid! I asked why since she had all the qualification.  She said she was advised to do so in the meantime before she gets an upgrade. O ma se O!

Trust nah, she fell victim again but this time a security man in that institution! Is she a learner?! Kai! Falling in love with someone who can barely take care of himself! Guess what? You got it right…she got pregnant for him and eventually had a son. As I speak, the man hasn’t dropped a dime for child support even since she got pregnant!  The child is now 2years old and hasn’t met his father, not because she prevented him but because he is running from responsibility. Yeye fowl!

The koko of the matter is that the ‘retarded’ (no apologies for the insult) woman is presently depressed.  She says there is a need for the child to know his father because of the future. True but not compulsory.  The man in question who works in the same place as she, has not made any attempt to know his child or even ask of his wellbeing. Why bother introduce the child to him when there is no financial gain! What the child needs is money for child support not just ‘looking’ and saying “yes, he’s mine!”. Mscheww!

Finally,  another thing that pushed her further into depression is that she just found out from her 12year son (who is her 1st child) that her ex-husband had duped her. She said the man called her oneday while she was at work that her son was seriously ill and had been admitted at a hospital in Ibadan. This man took money for admission,  drugs and feeding from her for 2 whole weeks leaving her penniless. Only for her to find out from her son much later that it was all a lie. He had never been seriously ill or admitted for any reason! I was speechless. 

Now you see, when I say we women are naive creatures, I talk lie?…but why?

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