I have always wondered what I would do if I ever caught my husband red-handed or pants down with another woman (God forbid sha!). No woman ever prays to be in that situation. Recently, this happened to a fellow friend’s friend whose husband is or was a bank manager…

The MD of a bank which sounds like the complete pronounciation for the British pounds…. got the shocker of his life recently when his beautiful wife left their ikoyi residence and like a detective trailed him to his lovenest at protea hotel in ikoyi and like a woman scorned,she let all hell loose and tore at his shirt with her voice at its highest pitch…….screaming and crying ”where is the love you promised me?where is the love,where is the loveeeeeeeee?”

The most painful thing is that madam caught him red handed with one of his staff who has since absconded to South Africa on a forced leave. She has probably been sacked..who knows.The bank MD is presently lying low and trying to calm down his enraged wife…hoping they sort it out.

My own 20kobo on this is issue is why she decided to follow her husband? Did she think she married a saint? When I heard the gist, I thought she caught him with the stupid woman on their matrimonial bed but she didn’t. The fact that she was already insinuating that her husband was cheating on her would have been enough until God exposes him (because no sin goes unpunished) but No, she had to go snooping.  Ok, now she don see, wetin she don achieve? Now she will say she wants divorce…Olodo major!

Look, Nigerian wives, never divorce your husband because you caught him cheating, instead use it as an avenue to make lots of money from him! Charge him for cheating on you, then charge him for you to forgive him, then charge him before he sees or smells that ‘place’!…make that doe off him! Because if you go ahead and divorce him, 1. You will be answering ‘Divorcee’, 2. Your children go suffer am, 3. There is no guarantee that the next man you meet will not do the same and more! 4. Na you go lose…think about it.

If you wan show am pepper,  do everything inside house. For the record, please do not include your friends inside the matter, their husbands are not any better and they fit spoil matter for you, especially the evil ones among them.

Finally wives, please stop being the detective that you do not have certificate for. At God’s own appointed time, your husband if guilty will be exposed.

2 thoughts on “CAUGHT RED-HANDED!

  1. Ya I luv dis guy n he touched my boobs but after 1 week, he started fucking around wid sum1 else ….m still in contact wid him thou …………hopefully I find a better one ……..I knw his a bitch but currently i am in luv wid him……………..the gud thing is m a virgin so it does not hurt so much ……


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