According to Albert Einstein, “Marriage is but slavery made to appear civilized”.

Lol! How many of us wives agree to this statement? I no go lie, half of me agrees with him and the other half doesn’t. We were made to believe that there is equality in marriage. Can we honestly say there is?

Before you ‘traditional’ women crucify me, let me give my reasons O!
– when a woman is forced to marry whom she doesn’t love, is this not the beginning of slavery?
– when a woman has to endure a cheating husband and people will tell her “it is a man’s world”, is this not slavery?
– when a woman is forced not to work even with all her certificates, is this not slavery?
– when a wife is forced to enter kitchen and cook even when it is obvious to the husband that she is dead tired, is this not slavery?
– when a woman is beaten black and blue in her home, what will you call this?
– when a woman is forced to have sex with her husband even when there is pending marital issue to be resolved, is this not slavery?
– when a husband makes a decision without informing his wife, is this not slavery
– when a husband does not assist the wife in domestic work even when he knows that there is no maid, is this not slavery?
– when a husband doesn’t bring money home and allows the woman to be the breadwinner for donkey years and not that he is crippled, is that not slavery?
– when a husband has total disrespect for the wife by talking to her anyhow anywhere and at anytime, is this not slavery?!
If this is not slavery, I wonder again what slavery then is.

According to the Crusaders Devotional blog:

Marriage is never slavery. It is because the modern world has lost the meaning and standard of marriage from the beginning, and so both parties are doing what they are not suppose to do and undoing what they are suppose to do. The understanding of the concept of marriage and its individual obligations is totally lost and undermined in most part of our world today. Lack of knowledge in this is causing many to perish in their marriages, thereby putting many into ‘slavery’ which never was initially intended. It must rather be the other way round: marriage must help you accomplish your purpose. A woman must marry to accomplish her purpose to help and meet (suit) the man’s purpose in life; the man must marry to make him accomplish his God given purpose with the help of a suitable (meet) woman. The marriage must therefore serve us, not we serving/being enslaved to the marriage….
Looking back at how marriage began: God had finished creating everything in the world including Adam. Every other living thing was in pair except Adam. Then we are told that God saw that it was not good for a man (Adam at that time) to be alone, so He decided to make him a SUITABLE PARTNER/ A HELP MEET – somebody who will ‘HELP’ and ‘MEET’ the purpose of Adam on earth/who Adam is
“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” – Genesis 2:18
Understanding the marriage covenant and the purpose of marriage, we realize that both men and women serve in marriage, but the thing is neither of them is a slave in the marriage. In fact, from the above analysis, in its proper practice, each partner must be treated like a royal!!! Therefore, A ROYAL SERVING A ROYAL DOES NOT MAKE EITHER OF THEM A SLAVE! THEY ARE STILL ROYALS!!! If men and women were TRULY and PROPERLY understanding the real precept and standard of marriage and doing what they must be doing in the marriage, then there will be nothing like abuse or divorce (who doesn’t love royalty/to be treated like a king or queen and will want to leave it?), for then the whole marriage setup will be a thing of royalty and never slavery! Then we will know that making the covenant of marriage and doing the paperwork is really far better than any erotic relationship without a divine covenant or paperwork! If people are marrying the right way and choosing to live by the right standard of marriage, then they will enjoy wonderful experiences of which mere relationships cannot produce.
If we really want to experience this ‘royalty’ instead of ‘slavery’, then let’s get back to the root of marriage to understand the precepts and standard, and seek to do the individual obligations thereof! 

So Nigerian men, please “Submissiveness” is not synonymous with “Slavery”. Because you paid small money on top of our head, does not give you the right to talk to us anyhow or treat us badly!

I rest my case.

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