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Please forgive me, I know you people will say I have come again! See I am a very busy housewife O! So don’t take all this privileged gist I am giving you for granted! Hmmm!
Can you just imagine what happened in my compound?! My neighbour’s husband’s friend was caught red-handed ‘sleeping’ with her 13 year old sister! This fool who is old enough to be her grand-father, has been sexually molesting her for over a month! Ask me why the girl has not reported to her sister or her husband, she says he gives her money to buy ‘puff-puff’ and ‘viju milk’! SMH (shaking my head)! So you mean to tell me that my neighbor doesn’t feed her sister so much so she had to open her legs for ‘puff-puff’ and ‘viju’! What is paining me about this whole thing is that you should see the way her husband swept this matter under the rug.
The other day that is how my friend’s 9 year old daughter kept complaining about bladder infection, that anytime she wants to urinate, she screams in pain. So her mother who is my friend brought her to my house saying she was tired of this complaint, and if I had any remedy. Am I a doctor? I asked her. She said she had taken her to various private hospitals and a general hospital and they would only prescribe medications which would relieve her daughter for just a few days. Like joke, like joke…I started telling the mother that let it not be that somebody was touching the girl in her private part. I narrated my own childhood experience to her and how my dad’s brother was always rubbing my private part and anytime I tried to urinate, check out pain! I didn’t know I had opened Dora box (sebi, that is what it is called).
Then I and my friend dragged her daughter and started questioning her. At first, she denied and denied but I think her countenance gave her off and so we pressed on. We had to cajole her into trusting us. That is how the girl started shaking from head to toe like she had Malaria! Tell us now…we will not beat you…we won’t tell anybody… Eventually, the girl broke down and started crying. She said it was her father. Yes O! Father! As if that was not enough, she also mentioned her headmaster at her primary school and 2 other male teachers. Ok, how and when did all this start and you couldn’t inform your mother or an aunty you trust? We asked her. She goes on to say it was her mother that caused it!  Wow! Nothing wey person no go hear. Her mother wouldn’t allow her to dress properly before going out to buy bread or other food items all because she wanted her to go and come back quickly. So she would tie a flimsy wrapper around her chest or an old small towel, since she had already started developing breasts.
One day she went on an errand to buy food items at a shop a little further away from her house. The shop boy asked her to come into the inner room to collect change and so he started fingering her. She said it was painful but other times it wouldn’t hurt. She didn’t have the courage to tell her mother because her mother would beat her. From fingering to actual penetration. Na wah O! These kids will not kill us! But her father! His wife no dey there? Ask me what happened to the gist, NOTHING! My friend and her husband are still happily married, going on as if nothing happened.
Chei! Some mothers are just too trusting or should I say careless! If you see how they leave their children especially the girl-children with just anybody all in the name of “I know him, he can’t do anything!” Even your blood brother sef! This devil can use anybody! The whole idea is not to give devil chance. If it happens, it has happened O! You can’t undo the hurt.
The stupidest thing ever, and I don’t even get this one is when you see a woman hire a houseboy when she has a female child! If you ask her, she will say “Ah, Don’t worry, I don’t allow him to touch my girl!”…Ok! Don’t be upset, my lips are sealed!
Please mothers be careful who you leave your kids with. May God not let me be a Murderer or a Castrator! Amen!

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