I Am 40, My Husband Is 70, Now My Marriage Is In Trouble

Wonders will never cease! Please help me ask this woman whether she was forced to marry this man. Now age is beginning to hit on them hard, especially on this husband of hers, she wants him to start playing ‘ten-ten’. Didn’t she know the age difference before saying “Yes, I do”. 

Just read on and feel free to comment…

Please I need you to help me on this. I am 40, while my husband is 70. I didn’t see this as a problem when i met him 11 years ago.

We got married 10 years ago and we have been blessed with three children.

The problem I have is that my husband will not allow me to associate with people; go out to see friends or have anything to do with people.

If I go out to work, what he does is to police me around with phone calls. From the story he told me about himself, he enjoyed life while he was young and I don’t know why he’s preventing me.

I am a very beautiful and decent woman. I hate women that play around and my husband knows this much about me.

I don’t even go to parties as such because I know I have a responsibility to my family. But once in a while when friends invite me, I go but most time my husband will decline to go for no reason.

My life is very boring. We don’t even go out to refresh, all we do is sit at home, watch TV, and go to church. I have
tried to make him understand my feelings.

He doesn’t trust me at all, suspects my every move. Is a 70 year old man too old to make a woman happy? Is this how I’m going to spend the rest of my life? Whatever makes me happy doesn’t concern him.

Honestly, I hate this boring life. Am I supposed to die unhappy? I wish I can be more open to him; there is nothing I say to him that will not be used against me in future. I wish we can go out together, to places of fun, but my husband sees it as waste of time. What can I do?

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