My mind is made up, any maid I am getting after the one I have is going to have to wear a frock! My friend is certainly right, when they are in these frocks, their head is down.  There will be no room for fashion parade! Half of the time, my stupid maid is thinking of what to wear to seduce my husband.  Is that what I employed her for?

Imagine the other day, if I hadn’t come out of my room on time, I wouldn’t have seen her leave her room with bum shorts and a tank top! Yes O! Exactly, bum shorts and tank top. I first of all clapped my hands and asked her what the dressing was for, and she replied that she wanted to sweep the parlour! Of course I ordered her to go and change the clothes.

You see, these evil people know what they are up to. The stupid girl obviously knew that that was the time my husband would be coming out to watch the news. So she had it all planned out.Unfortunately, the plan exploded on her face!

Another reason why I am going to insist that my maid will wear a uniform, especially those thick frocks is her habit of not wearing brassiere underneath the flimsy material she calls a top! And then while she is busy with the house chores, they get ‘charged up’. Oga will call her and then she will run to answer him with her nipples shooting out. And you tell me they shouldn’t wear uniform. They must wear!

My friend was telling me how her maid who came with nothing to her house except for a nylon bag of an extra rag suddenly turned fashionista cum diva! The girl specialises in changing her ‘baffs’ as many as 4 times in a day. The silly maid invests in spaghetti straps and tight short skirts, all in the name of running errands for oga and madam. She said that one day, while she was leaving her room for the living room where her husband was, she over heard her husband pass a comment on her maid’s dressing and that the next thing she heard come out from her maid’s mouth was “Oga, you like am?!” And while she made the comment, she was busy doing a 360 for him! Is wah!

So my requirements for appointment as a maid will be 3 tailored frocks (of course with belt at the back) that will be well below the knees. She will only be allowed to wear her personal clothing on Sundays. I don’t care what she sleeps in, but she must never leave her room without being in her frock! I will review this conditions with my friend. Maybe she will have something else to add.

Please, don’t get my actions wrong. I am not an insecure wife O! I just need some sanity and focus around my house. There is something about that uniform- wearing that puts them in their place. It might not solve all the problems but majority of their problems would be better managed.

I know some of you might say “Does it change anything? If the man wants to cheat, he will cheat”, but the issue is not on my husband, it is on getting the house work done and properly too!

Stayed blessed my fellow ‘madams’.

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  2. I am not amazed at this rara. The househelp too wants some oga action ni. I have refused to have one in my house, thank you very much, I will do my work and continue the following day.


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