My Husband Took My Panties And Bra

Lol! Do these things still happen?…where someone like your husband will be stealing your “draws”! I thought it was housegirl matter…it’s only them that will want to hurt their madam for reasons best known to them.

Please read on.

The Igando Grade ‘A’ Customary Court had an earful recently when a 39-year-old female Police Inspector, Mary Igah, gave testimony in a divorce suit she instituted against her police officer husband

Mary asked the court to dissolve her 19-year-old marriage for alleged threat to her life.

According to her, Emmanuel, her husband, threatened to deal with her and before she knew what was happening, she found her panties and brassiere in his bag and she did not know where he was taking them.

“My husband took my underwear without my consent; I saw my pant and brassiere in his handbag when he wanted to leave for work. I am scared of staying with him. I no longer feel safe in his house,” she said.Mary alleged further that her husband was fond of embarrassing her in public.

“My husband always embarrassed me in public, including my place of work. He would beat me and drag me out of my office while calling me vulgar names.

“Anytime we have issues, he would call me a prostitute.”

However, 46-year-old Emmanuel denied the allegations levelled against him by his wife. He alleged that his wife was promiscuous.

“I heard stories about my wife’s infidelity, so, I went to her office to find out and fortunately for me, I met her with the man.

“I did not embarrass her, I only excused her from the office and asked what she was doing with the man and she started shouting.

“I did not beat her. In short, I have never raised my hand against her since I married her 19 years ago,” he said.Emmanuel appealed to the court not to grant his wife’s divorce wish as he still loved her.

After the arguments, the court president, Mr R.I. Adeyeri, adjourned the matter till August 14, for judgment.

Only God knows who is telling the truth amongst them. You love her and yet you want to harm her through juju! What type of stupid dirty love is that?!

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