A lot of women are living with husbands that have ‘no action’ (if you know what I mean). I am talking about the famous ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ (ED) a.k.a e-no-fit-stand wahala! I can categorically state that it is not easy for these women. It takes the grace of God for these women to stay in such marriages.

This issue of ED causes a lot of problems in the home, ranging from disharmony to infidelity to divorce. For this reason, I am writing to share my own little knowledge about it. Thank God my husband is okay( infact he has too much action! ) and will continue to be in Jesus name.
The much I know about ED is that it can be cured. At least, for all the women whose husband suffers from it, be rest assured that it has a cure which can be done naturally through some exercises and food or medically.

There are many causes ranging from psychological to medical problems and sometimes natural as in the case of ageing. Yes now, old men who are in their 80s and above lose the ability to perform( really, shouldn’t they be thinking of preparing their will?! Lol!)
For the psychological cause, an example might be from stress at work or at home as well as depression or anxiety from other causes. While for the medical cause, examples include hypertension, diabetes, obesity, drinking too much alcohol and some medications such as antihypertensive drugs.
Before I go on, ED is the inability of the penis to have or sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. Even on receiving the normal sexual drive, many a time, a man fails to get the required stiffness in his penis, which hampers his ability to perform intercourse.

In some cases, some husbands might have the ‘fake’ type of ED. What I mean is that, when it comes to him having sex with his wife, he will fail to have an erection but if it is with another woman, he will have a lot of action! Most of the time, the major cause of this fake ED is his wife. There are some wives that are generally unappealing especially to their husbands. Maybe it’s because of their poor sense of personal hygiene, the dirty, smelly and untidy type. Imagine a man coming back from a hard day’s work and meeting either a nagging wife or dirty and smelling wife with wrapper round her chest. Tufia! C’mon Chics! That is a major turn-off. Or is it those women who do not wipe after urinating (excuse my language, but truth has to be told). Or is it those women who lose their swag just because they discovered Jesus. then they start shopping for drabby clothes! So because you are born- again again, does not mean you should look like what I do not know. Even Jesus wouldn’t approve!

There are some cases where by the man may be a chronic womaniser and it is only by divine intervention that his problem can be solved. They are never satisfied with the one they have at home, so after wasting themselves outside, tell me how you want to achieve an erection with your wife especially if she insists that you must ‘do’ her! Lol!

The ‘koko’ of the matter is that I wrote this to share a friend’s experience and seek your candid advice. Yemi is my friend who got married pretty early (in her teens) to a much older person (30ish years older). They have four beautiful children. Her husband is wealthy and basically that was the reason her parents married her off early, so that he could help their financial situation. My friend is very pretty and now in her mid to late 30s. Her husband developed hypertension many years ago and had been on treatment then suddenly he developed erectile dysfunction 8years ago. They thought it was a problem that would only last for a short while, so they didn’t really do anything about it until 3years passed them by. My friend’s husband was initially bothered when the problem started but after 3years of living with the problem, he became less concerned. She has tried to find solutions on his behalf but to no avail until she met a doctor who told her ED could be treated. She mentioned it to her husband but he didn’t seem interested. Now the issue is that she has managed to go off without sex for 8 freaking years and she is freaking young, not to mention beautiful!

My friend called me up last night to ask my advice on what to do. Haba! I don’t know how it feels to be in that predicament and I pray never to be. She wants to have a boyfriend who can be ‘servicing’ her as her other friends have suggested. So she wants my opinion. I just gulped some bolus of saliva! All I could say was, “You know marriage is sacred and…” then the phone cut. Jeez! Thank God it cut because I really didn’t know what to tell her. Please people I need comments fast in case she calls back.

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