I have a very stubborn husband. He has refused to upgrade this feeding money. Since we got married 7 yrs ago, it is the same N5,000 he started with that he is still giving up till today.

I mentioned this problem to my friend and she laughed at me calling me a fool. “So you are telling me that each time he gives u that kind of money, you actually collect it!”, she says with sarcasm. Of course I do or you want my kids to starve? She looks at me in dismay. “So you want to tell me that all these delicacies you give him day in day out for a whole month amounts to N5,000?” ….You know this my friend has a point. I am sure in my husband’s mind, he thinks I have a lot of money since I never complain. And to make matters worse or worst sef, the kind of soup I give him contains all you can imagine, all in the name of making your husband happy. How about me the spender?! May be he thinks foodstuffs are priced at N1 each.

My friend tells me how she feeds herĀ  husband according to how much he leaves. I asked her, “Then what happens to the remaining days?”. “Dry fasting naa ni!”. Aah! “Yes ke! When he is tired of fasting, he then brings out money! Meanwhile, I make sure my kids are well taken care of during that time. And when I know he is almost home, I set them in the parlour and tell them to put on hungry faces!”. This my friend you are harsh. She tells me that that is the only way they will learn. How many things will a woman do?

My God I have to be sharp. Now I have decided to ignore repairing any appliance in the house.

Even if we decide to do it 50/50…I know the husband I married, he will still cheat me and leave me half way to continue feeding the house.

Please I want to ask one question. Why is it that when some husbands notice their wives have a regular source of income, they shy away from their duties of providing money for the family’s upkeep.

N.B. Pls send your stories to naijahousewife@gmail.com


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