Lol! Wonders will never stop ceasing! Have you guys ever heard of the word ‘American Wonder’? My friend is a real life American wonder! How can women be so gullible! Anyways I have concluded that it only happens to greedy people. I am sure you are wondering what I am ranting about…

I have this friend, a really good one for that matter. She is sooo nice and supposedly gentle. But what I don’t like about her is that she gets easily swayed!  She has been single for a long-time until one guy came from no where ( actually from her town…she is from Delta state). Actually, he didn’t come from no-where *wink*. Her uncle who resides in Lagos introduced the guy to her. The guy is supposed to be an Engineer who is based in America and who came back ‘home’ to look for a wife. He claimed that there is no wife-material in America.

As soon as Uche my friend heard the word ‘America’, she became interested. She started acting like a desperado and I think that was what the man preyed on.

Uche was about 30years old when she met and married the guy. They stayed together in Nigeria as husband and wife for a good 2 or 3months until the guy said he was going back to process her papers and then come back for her.

Like joke like joke, Uche hasn’t set eyes on her husband for over 5years now! They kept in touch after he left for about 1 year, until he became incommunicado!  Uche please go and remarry, she will say No! Uche, ok have a boyfriend to be servicing the ‘area’, she will say No!

How can a man be this callous and keep a woman waiting for years! And how can my friend be so stupid and not read the writing on the wall. If anyone ever told me that my friend would be a victim of this criminal behavior, I would never have believed it.

The gist has not ended. We heard from the grapevine in her village that the guy was in touch with his own people who had been claiming all this while that they hadn’t heard from him. This said husband of hers was married to a white woman and they had 4grown-up children together. The annoying part is that he doesn’t even send her money and we hear that he is comfortable!  I am sure that uncle of hers knows about all this even before the plan was carried out! And I am sure he was settled big time! Na him pave way for the arrangement na!

You know what my friend is doing now? Because I am beginning to think that this whole marriage thing is affecting her behaviour. She doesn’t take care of herself anymore. She has joined these S.U people to become born-again again! So you can imagine her appearance. How can a man be attracted to such a person especially if she has to remarry?! She has started fasting and praying for her husband to come back.

I don’t get this girl! How can you be praying for a husband that is not yours to come back to you! Are you for real Uche?! Or that God should give you your own husband! Please, she should stop deceiving herself there…I know she still wants him because he stays in America and she has hopes of going there! It’s not a bad idea to go there O but to tie that ambition to someone else is what I can’t get!

Please fellow sisters,  advice your sister!  I believe the earlier she starts the divorce process, the better for her so that she can settle down as she is still young!  Sebi, she don qualify to apply for divorce!


  1. Truth be told, you can't be played except you exhibit the wherewithal to be played…… Shooo! Na so them scam the babe, badt guy your reward dey here on earth and yea sister please we know you need God but please ask Him to deliver you from the spirit of OLORUNSOGO (sharp nd fast route) nd put in you (SURULERE)…patience is a virtue…


  2. It is a pity,may God give the lady .peace,insight and wisdom.
    Yes womenfolk fall prey,to anything overseas,
    A daughter of a reverend gentleman was impregnated by a boy who played smart ,the boy in question told the lady to get preg for him as he was on his way to Germany.
    The student agreed ,did just that,but the guy was sighted somewhere in Oshodi after many months of having been in Germany.
    Real pathetic


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