The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I am talking about is not the one we all are familiar with. Mschew! That’s right, not the Disney owned story! Please, come down from your high horses and face reality! I am talking about the ‘Beauties’ and the ‘Beasts’ living among us.

Yes, I am talking about Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Abuse or Violence. I know you may say …”Old or Stale gist!”. It may be to you because you have never been a victim and you will never be in Jesus name. But I am speaking on behalf of the women or men (as the case may be sometimes) who are victims and cannot find their way out. 

I want to use this medium to say  a very big shame to all those ‘Beasts’! Only God will judge you. 
Just yesterday, my wounds that are still trying to heal from my own situation re-opened yesterday. I was called  at about 11pm  yesterday night to come and identify a patient brought in via emergency at a private hospital in Lagos. The caller refused to give me further details on the condition of the patient but either ways, I still rushed to the place. Just hearing the word ‘Hospital’ got me worried.

On getting there, you won’t believe who I saw lying half dead at the entrance covered in blood from head to toe! (Oh my God) with her limbs looking out of place! It was my friend Onyinye, my best friend of almost 20years if I am correct. Hmmm….this my friend has been married to a ‘Beast’ for about 10years now. She is a real beauty who is a victim of domestic violence, is it physical? Is it verbal or emotional abuse? She dey there. Infact, she is a PhD and Masters degree holder in domestic violence.

I have tried times without number to warn her to leave that Beast of a husband, like I did mine but she kept say, “God will intervene”. Does God wish for anyone to die a premature death? It is because God knew her time on earth isn’t over, that is why He spared her life from this last one that landed her in emergency room.

According to Onyinye’s neighbour, Mrs Madu, she(Mrs Madu) and her husband had noticed that the quarrel between Onyinye and and her husband had lasted longer than normal that day. And it started because Onyinye who is a graduate of Economics from a Federal University just got a job and thought she should inform her husband. She has never worked since she got married 10years ago because her ‘Beast’ told her not to. She obeyed thinking it was even better so as to give her time to take care of the home front. Since the the last  child of 3 children was 6years old, it only made sense for her to get a job and add to the income of the house. She also thought it will reduce her ‘Beast’ using her as a ‘punching bag’ which she thought might be out of financial frustrations.

As soon as Onyinye told her ‘Beast’, all hell let loose. Her ‘Beast’ started reigning abuses at her calling her all sorts of names. While abusing her, he was also slapping  and beating her. It was when she was falling over things in the house that got the attention of Mr and Mrs Madu who rushed to their flat on the ground floor. And when that her ‘Beast’ is dealing with her that he locks all doors knowing fully well that neighbours would try to intervene. All efforts to get the ‘Beast’ to open the door for them proved abortive so they decided to plead with him through the curtains of their living room. Mrs Madu said she could see Onyinye running from room to room trying to save her dear life. At about that time, it was past 8am. Their children hadn’t left for school. After much pleading, Mr Madu decided to use the children being late as an excuse for the ‘Beast’ to leave his wife . With that, Mr and Mrs Madu left Onyi to her fate hoping that her ‘Beast’ would stop.

Thirty minutes later, Mrs Madu saw Onyi’s ‘Beast’ taking the kids to school. She rushed down immediately to the flat so that she could talk to Onyi. She said she knocked and pleaded with Onyi to open the door, but she got no response. She finally gave up and went back to her flat but kept a close watch for her. It was about 8pm in the evening, she noticed there was no sign of the husband, children and even Onyi. She got worried and beckoned to her husband to escort her to Onyi’s flat. They knocked ferociously at the door but got no response. Just as they were about to give up, they heard a deep groan or moan in the living room that was pitch black. They broke in and found Onyi in a pool of her blood. The ‘Beast’ had broken her head with an object we do not know, he also fractured her 2 hands and had also made cuts on her face. 

Now my friend is lying at the hospital half dead. Her husband has absconded with her 3 children and left her to die. She called out my name in agony before she passed out. 

What I don’t understand, is “When will the scales from the eyes of women who are victims fall off?” Mine fell off 2years after I got married to a Beast in Angel clothing. But, trust me, I left him with marks he will never forget. Even if he decides to remarry, he has to explain to that unfortunate wife of his what caused the big scar on his back. (Lol! After the fool thought he had dealt with me, I let him believe so. As soon as he slept off, I poured the kettle of water I had been boiling for a little over 2hours on his back….Oh! That day I felt victorious! I relieve those moments over and over again in my mind). 

See me today, I am alive and shining and even enjoying my kids. I will have to keep fighting for Onyi until gets herself. Please join me and pray for her.

As for the victims of Domestic Violence, I urge you to save yourselves now because tomorrow you might never get the chance to. May God give you the wisdom and grace to make the right decisions. Amen. 

3 thoughts on “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

  1. I used to feel sorry for the so called beauties..with age, my empathy has morphed to near disgust.
    The Beauties are quick to call The Lord and yet the saying “The Lord helps those that help themselves” is not an empty saying.
    They claim the bible is against divorce, is the same bible they quote not against suicide and murder??
    Beasts exists because the Beauties allow it. The Beauties need someone to make them feel good about themselves, no one can do that for you if you don't do it for yourself.
    I am a Beauty, however, any Beast that thinks it is ok to touch me, I will take a pound of blood along with 11pints of blood.


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