I don’t understand this waiting-up-for-husband thing! Is this how I’ll continue to wait up for him even when I know he is not at work?! The kids are all in bed. The house Mary Poppins clean! His food prepared and set on the table waiting to be consumed…but still no sign of my hussy. It’s way past 12 a.m. It won’t happen again. I’ll just have to make alternative arrangements with him. I better just forget it, this arrangement thing does not work. Even when I swear I wouldn’t wait up, I can’t help but worry about the safety of the father of my children.

Sometimes, I wonder how some of my friends do it. Some say they can’t help but wait up not because they want to but because they want to play the role of a dutiful wife.Others say not only do they wait up, they also cook even in the dead of the night! Wow! The craziest I think I have heard, is a wife going to fetch her hussy wherever he is as soon as she starts feeling sleepy! Lol! She starts by calling him every minute until his battery dies and if he is smart, after the 3rd call, he starts bidding his friends ‘Goodnight’…or else!

On a final note, I was speaking to a married male friend of mine on the issue and his reply was that wives should stay up for their husbands because it shows how caring she is. But wait, where is the fairness in this? Shouldn’t husbands be more considerate by making it home on time? Shouldn’t they consider the fact that their wives may be burnt out after a hard day’s work with the kids, cooking, cleaning and other home stuff.

 A FINAL NOTE OF ADVICE FROM A WIFE TO HER HUSBAND: Sweetheart, please come home as soon as you are done with work at the office because my kitchen closes at 8 p.m. and the gates to the house at 10 p.m!


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